Why it’s not important that they understand your chronic illness

Here’s the thing.

The only one who can really understand how much chronic illness has changed your life, is someone else with chronic illness.

The grief you feel is not validated, accepted or understood by those around you, even in the medical community, because it is often just as invisible as the illness you live with.

Unless you have experienced chronic illness, its almost impossible to understand or relate to because after all, you generally “look ok.”

You can get so caught up in needing people to understand how it feels, especially those closest to you and when they can’t, it can feel like such a blow to the spirit and even, like a betrayal.

So let go of the need for them to understand.

They can’t. Not truly.

Focus instead on what is most important: that they respect the new boundaries that you now need to put in place, to protect your health and your energy.

  • Be as factual as you can, without needing to justify your choices.
  • Do not apologise for the illness because it is not your fault.
  • Instead, explain clearly what you can and cannot do.

If you get caught up in needing them to understand, it will end up damaging your relationships because you feel hurt, unloved and judged.

Which will make you put more emotional distance between you and make you feel even more alone.

You know how you feel.

You do not need to convince anyone else.

People who love you will be willing to respect the boundaries you set and any limitations you have when you can communicate them clearly and consistently.

You are worth it and you absolutely deserve it. 

Source: Emotional Autoimmunity’s Facebook page